• April 12, 2015 I became

    a Death Midwife.

    "What in the world is that?" you may be asking. 

    In summation:



    I provide emotional, spiritual, and practical support to the dying and their respective communities. This spans from advanced care planning to the facilitation of home funerals. I provide comfort and information and advocate for the cultivation of a positive relationship with one's mortality no matter one's age or health status. 



    The Portrait Project



    This development has led me to what I will now refer to as The Portrait Project. 

    Whether it be depicting likenesses as they appear now or creating a tribute to the person in their heyday, I want to work with the individual to capture a portrait that leaves them feeling dignified and proud of the life they have lived while they are still living it. 



    Feel free to e-mail using the form on the Contact section if you have any questions about the project (e.g., pricing, style of the portrait, etc.) or if you desire a portrait for yourself or a loved one. 

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  • Emmy Midnightingale Colon

    is an ink and watercolor illustrator, printmaker, and bloggess based in Chicago, IL.


    Part woman. Part wolf. All white witch.


    Emmy Midnightingale Colon's work is made of the enigmatic things existing along the peripheries of our culture and consciousness.


    Ms. Colon utilizes her background in death midwifery, training in Psychology and Anthropology, and lifelong affinity towards artistic creation to forge evocative pieces that sustain strong connections to Catholicism (blame her upbringing), history and the occult, mortality, fantasy, and horror. She lives particularly for creating juxtaposition in her work, putting added emphasis on the pairing of beauty and death and magic and divine feminine.


    She is inspired by pathology and anatomy, monsters (both imagined and real), the power of solo travel, self-seduction and authenticity, and all of the insects that make the average American itchy.


    When she is not using far too much ink in her illustrations, comics, and screenprints (is there such a thing?), Ms. Colon enjoys cooking, baking, Flâneurie, yoga, and pining after corn snakes.



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    "...Over the past few years I've deadicated my life to all things fine and grotesque that linger along the peripheries of our society. I am a Death Midwife, artist, and Self-Seduction Coach.


    Most importantly, I am endeavoring to create more art and produce lengthier and better quality posts about self-love and authentic, life-affirming living on a more consistent basis...


    Remember that on my own, these things are merely ideas. But with your involvement, they become real and a revolution. "

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